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Mother's Day

It doesn't take much to help Mother's Day become a very memorable one. The trick is making Mom feel special and helping her take a day totally off, so she doesn't have to do anything all day long. Between Dad and the kids, and a little help from Eagle Brand® products you'll have it covered. We've got ideas for you from sunrise to sunset. Remember to start the night before by turning off Mom's alarm clock. Let her sleep in, even if it's only for a while.

Making Your Event Special

Mom's Favorite Decorations

Ask Mom what her favorite color is and decorate using everything in that color, from balloons, streamers, confetti, paper plates, and napkins.

Make simple colorful flowers from construction paper with many overlapping layers. Make long stems from tightly-rolled single sheets of newspaper, secured with tape. Attach the flower heads to the tops. Attach green leaves made from construction paper. Put them in a tall vase and watch Mom smile.

Fun Surprises for Mom

Breakfast in bed is special for Mom, but it shouldn't be more than you can handle. Whether it's toast and jam or bacon and eggs, whatever you make will be appreciated.

Let Mom take a nice, long, uninterrupted bubble bath complete with soft music and fragrant, soothing bath oil.

Help Mom around the house on her special day so she doesn't have to do any housework. Kids can set the table before and wash the dishes after each meal. Picking up the toys around the house or sweeping the kitchen will make Mom happy.

Give Mom some uninterrupted time alone in the hammock or lounge chair to read her favorite book or magazine.

Buy Mom some movie tickets to her favorite movie theatre. Create a special card with the movie section pictures cut out and collaged together.

Pull out old family pictures of vacations, school events, holidays, family parties, etc. Place each one on a card or construction paper, thanking Mom for making a difference. Thank her for making that special Halloween costume for the school parade, or when she made you feel confident on your first day of school, or how she made that vacation to the beach so much fun. Place them around the house so she sees them throughout the day: one on her nightstand, on the bathroom mirror, on closet door, bedroom door, kitchen cabinets, the kitchen table, etc.

Food Ideas

With Dad's help, a special meal can be prepared as a surprise to Mom.

Making Mother's Day special is easy with Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed Milk. Just make Mom's favorite, or surprise her with our Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies or Frozen Lemon Squares. They're creamy, cool and perfect summer desserts.

Make the perfect dessert for Mom. Cut Eagle Brand® Foolproof Chocolate Fudge into small squares, decorate each cube with cake decorations, or write one letter of your mother's name on each cube and display to show her name with the fudge pieces.

Gift Ideas

Some of Mom's favorite gifts are those that are handmade.

Make a frame with colorful construction paper with many layers. Cut out a heart on one layer to reveal the color below. Place loose beads, buttons or other trimmings around the frame. Don't forget to insert a picture of you at the center.

Make a coupon book of "favors" by cutting plain paper into four even long strips. Stack and fold, stapling in the crease to secure them together. You now have little booklet to write coupons for favors that Mom can redeem when she needs a little extra help around the house. They can be as simple as "Good for one free sweeping" or "Good for 10 hugs". Get creative.

Make a necklace by stringing a variety of pasta shapes (colored with markers) on heavy string.

Make a lasting impression print. Cover your hand with white washable paint and make a hand print on paper or picture frame.

Make a family mobile with a hanger, yarn and several family pictures. Cut the yarn several different lengths and tie each strand to the bottom of the hanger. At the bottom of each strand of yarn, glue 2 pictures of the same size, back to back.