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Easter is a joyous celebration of life that usually includes family dinners, a gathering of friends, and Easter eggs. A visit from the Easter Bunny, with his basket of goodies, is also a favorite part of the holiday for children. It's an exciting time for kids, so put on the bunny ears and get out the baskets!

Making Your Event Special


Buy inexpensive plastic Easter eggs and fill them with your invitations. Close the eggs and decorate on the outside using permanent markers. Hand-deliver the invitations to your guests.

Cut out egg shapes from construction paper or fun foam, write party details on the egg and decorate. Hand-deliver to guests.

Easter has tons of creative possibilities when it comes to fun and attractive centerpieces. Easter eggs are a primary focus in many households. Bowls, baskets, and other containers full of plain and colored eggs are always popular. Coating Easter eggs with glitter is an alternative to coloring them. Just brush craft glue onto egg and set them in a bowl of glitter. Remove and let dry for an hour.

Make a circle, oval, or even long arrangement of Easter grass in the center of the table. Arrange candy eggs, jelly beans, bunnies, shaped marshmallow candies, and other Easter candy in the grass for an edible centerpiece. You can also add fresh flowers either loosely or in small vases.


Easter Egg Hunt: Hide some eggs in the house or outside. Give the kids baskets and let the kids find as many eggs as they can. You might label the eggs with their names so they can only pick up their own. This helps ensure that everyone gets some eggs. For added fun, have a nighttime hunt with flashlights!

Pass the Egg: For a twist on the traditional egg coloring play pass the egg. Give everyone an egg and set out permanent markers in a variety of colors. Have the kids draw hair on the top of the egg. Once the eggs have "hair," have the kids pass the egg to the right. Continue passing the eggs and having children draw another part of the face: eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth, ears, eyelashes, chin and freckles.

Easter Egg Spoon Race: Line up the players in two teams. Give the first players in line a spoon with a hard-boiled Easter egg. Players must race to the other end of the yard, or room, without losing the egg or they have to start over. The first team to complete the race wins a prize.

Food Ideas

Create a traditional Easter ham dinner or roast lamb dinner. Add scalloped or au gratin potatoes, mixed vegetable medley and Easter Hunt Pie or Raspberry Topped Lemon Pie for the sweet ending to a great meal.

Gift Ideas

Place Eagle Brand® treats in a small basket for each guest. Line the basket with a small paper doily. Sprinkle some Easter grass or shredded colored paper into each basket. Fill basket with an assortment of delicious Eagle Brand recipes like our colorful Festive Magic Cookie Bars, Triple Chocolate Brownies, Coconut Macaroons, or Peppermint Easter Eggs along with a few jelly beans and possibly a stuffed chick or bunny. This will be a truly perfect gift for holiday entertaining.