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December Holidays

We have created endearing holiday traditions that transcend cultures and even religions. Families gather for a feast, people go out caroling in neighborhoods, and gifts are exchanged between family and friends. The spirit of the season unites all the cultures. It is not unusual to see a Menorah next to a Santa Claus in the store windows. Today there also might be a Kwanzaa display. That is what makes this time of year so wonderful: we can put aside our differences and recognize the spirit of the holidays in each one of us.

Making Your Event Special


Use fresh greenery, such as boxwood, and tie together in small bunches. Then, attach these arrangements to a length of wire. Arrange this spray in the arms of a chandelier and attach bright red bows to each lamp.

Make a construction paper garland chain. You probably enjoyed this as a kid, and so will your family! You could also string popcorn and cranberries onto a thread as another type of garland. This is especially good to put on the trees outside.

Put glue in the interior spaces of a pinecone. Sprinkle it with multi-colored glitter and use a colored pipe cleaner to create a hook for hanging!

Kids can fold paper and cut out snowflakes. Tape a piece of string to the top and hang them at the window. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Plan a Christmas Scavenger Hunt. Divide guests into two teams and give them a list of items that have been hidden throughout the house. The team that finds the most wins a prize! You can include Christmas items such as a candle, a Christmas card, some mistletoe, an ornament, a burned-out tree light, a Christmas stamp or some tinsel.

Host a caroling party, where guests go caroling and come back to your house for hot mulled cider and sweet treats made with Eagle Brand® Sweetened Condensed
Milk. Or, plan a soup extravaganza, where guests bring their favorite homemade soup and you provide hors d'oeuvres, bread and your favorite dessert.

Food Ideas

Use a squeeze bottle or resealable plastic bag filled with warm caramel or chocolate sauce to create a decoration on the surface of each guest's dessert plate. Place desserts in the center of each plate and sprinkle with an appropriate dry topping such as crushed candy canes, flaked coconut, chopped nuts or miniature chocolate chips.

No Christmas get-together is complete without sweets. Make Creamy White Fudge for your guests. These delightful treats are scrumptiously delicious and will make your guests keep asking for more.

Everyone loves fondue! Our Chocolate Caramel Fondue or Fudgy Milk Chocolate Fondue are perfect for intimate occasions or a big holiday bash.

Gift Ideas

Don't go to your next Christmas party empty-handed. Bake up your favorite Eagle Brand® desserts, like Chocolate Truffles or Cookies 'n Cream Fudge as a hostess gift. Or, just place a dessert like Holiday Nut Bread on a platter covered with colorful doilies, or in a decorative holiday-themed tin. You can also decorate desserts with elegant whipped cream and icing designs. Finish your presentation with a shiny bow or a hand-tied ribbon.

Hang a variety of colorful Christmas stockings labeled with guests' names on the mantel. Wrap our White Christmas Jewel Fudge in colorful cellophane. Fill the stocking with the snacks to take home.

Give a recipe box. Include a package of index card dividers marked for different food categories, a package of blank cards, and about 10 cards completed with your favorite recipes for the holidays. Go to our recipes section to select your favorites!

Wonderful Wrap-Ups

Enchant everyone on your gift list at any time of the year with tantalizing homemade sweets packaged in a unique way.

  • Festive plates or trays from paper to the fanciest china make ideal serving platters. Stack the treats high, overwrap with plastic wrap and tie on eye-catching bows.
  • Tuck candies or small cookies into paper liners and arrange them in shallow decorative boxes.
  • Baskets or crockery bowls also make captivating containers. Line the baskets or bowls with colorful napkins and pile them with treats.
  • Large, wide-mouth canning jars work well, too. Fill them to the brim and slip rounds of colorful cloth between the lids and the metal screw bands.