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Baking Tips

Before You Begin

Always read the instructions thoroughly to make certain you have the right ingredients, equipment and time to prepare the recipe.

We have used the best ingredients possible; we recommend that you choose butter over margarine for preparing the kits for the best tasting results.

Oven Tips

Preheat the oven for 15 to 20 minutes prior to baking.

Most ovens fluctuate in temperature from 15 to 50 degrees.

Use a reliable oven thermometer inside the oven.

Most cookies and cakes bake best on the middle rack of the oven.

Open the door to the oven only when necessary. Opening the oven door releases the hot air and will cause oven temperature to fluctuate.

When using the microwave for melting ingredients, remember that microwave ovens have a range in wattage. Stir ingredients together after checking. Less time is usually better.

Measuring Tips

When measuring dry ingredients, use metal cups. Fill the cup to overflowing then scrape off the excess. For liquids, use a glass or plastic measuring cup with a pour spout.

Use the specified pan size when baking pies, cakes and dessert bars.

When measuring the weight of an ingredient, a balance scale is usually more accurate than a spring scale.

When measuring moist ingredients that can stick together (like brown sugar or shortening), be sure to spoon the ingredient in and remove any air pockets.

Perfecting Tips

Prepare the dessert bars in a pan lined with aluminum foil.

Lightly spray pan with non-stick spray; line the pan with aluminum foil, allowing for a one-inch overhang. Lightly spray the foil.

Allow bars to cool completely. Pull up on the foil "handles" to transfer to a cutting board to cut.

Dessert bars are best when cooled to room temperature. The cooling time allows the bars to fully bake. If you are in a hurry, they can be placed in the refrigerator to cool completely.

For clean, evenly cut bars, measure with a ruler and cut the bars with a disposable plastic knife, or stretch unflavored dental floss across the bars and push it down through the bars.


Some recommended tools with which to stock your kitchen with:

  • Assorted sizes of rubber spatulas
  • 3 sharp knives, 2" or 3" paring knife, 8" or 9"chef's knife and a 10" or 12"inch slicing knife
  • Kitchen shears
  • Pastry brushes
  • Measuring spoons: 1/4 tsp., 1/2 tsp., 1 tsp., 1 tbsp.
  • Timer
  • Oven thermometer
  • Wire rack
  • Whisk
  • Dry measuring cups: 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup, 1 cup
  • Liquid measuring cups made of glass with a spout for pouring, in 2-cup and 4-cup sizes
  • Baking pans, 9 x 13 x 2", 8 x 8", 7 x 11", and 12 x 18"

Gifts from the Kitchen

Make a heartfelt gift for a friend. Cut up Eagle Brand® Decadent Fudge into bite size squares and place in a tissue paper-lined gift box, add a bow and make someone smile.

Prepare Magic Cookie Bars and Fudge to create holiday variety trays and share with friends and family.